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Julia D
Awesome for dancers and athletes I’ve been working with Leah for nearly a year, and I am so grateful to have found her! I’m a 32 year old full-time dancer, and had my first experience with Rolfing over 8 years ago. I’ve seen many different practitioners over the years, and Leah is truly exceptional. She really listens to what my body needs, and always treats both my symptoms and my whole body. She has helped me find freedom, openness and deeper breathing in my ribs, more stability in my pelvis, more length and freedom in my neck-the list goes on and on. I typically see her when I have minor injuries or am really feeling the wear and tear of dancing and pushing myself athletically. I always leave her sessions feeling stronger and more flexible, and ready to go! Leah is also a goldmine of knowledge about the body, so I always take advantage of that and learn a ton from her. She always leaves me with new understanding about how I can maintain the changes in my movement patterns that her work creates. Leah is grounded, compassionate, wise, and a lifelong learner who is always doing research and expanding her knowledge. If you use your body a lot, Leah is an invaluable support! So deeply grateful to her for keeping me moving at my fullest potential with no pain or injuries in sight!
Alisa Elliott Rector
Lasting results Years ago I was the lucky recipient of treatment from Leah. It was wonderful to have such profound results in my alignment! My shoulders felt inches lower from my ears, I felt my body more fully, and within a few sessions, no more knee pain! And none of the deep painful tissue work I had been told was involved with Rolfing. In fact, if it was not uncomfortable at all, but rather divine relaxation into the way my body wants to feel.
Amazed I have had chronic back pain for 10+years. Getting out of bed in the morning, picking up my 3 yr old daughter, you name it it caused some sort of pain in my back. I've seen orthopedic Dr.s, massage, physical therapy, etc and nothing worked. I was introduced to Rolfing during a Craniosacral therapy session and was a little skeptical but willing to try anything. After my initial session with Leah I woke up for the first time with NO pain. I have had a total of 2 sessions and am absolutely amazed at the results. I feel like a new person thanks to Leah!
Healing touch This is for all those out there that spend time after time in the chiropractor getting those quick fix to chronic issues. Leah's healing touch allowing my own bodies ability to wake up and do it's job. For me, this healer was my need to get better and stay strong. Now it is just maintenance. Thank you Leah for all you do and your dedication to us all. :)
Relief at last! I had done something to my knee in April and 6 months later it was still bothering to where I could barely walk. I went and seen Leah and haven't had any issues since. I am going back to see her for a quick tune up but she was amazing!
Ahhhh...Relief Leah has a real gift with Rolfing! Don't know how she does it but I feel wonderful when she's done.